A Personalized Pathway to Success

Discover a viable avenue to a high school diploma and beyond at S.C. Preparatory Leadership School.

We know how frustrating it can be when school just isn’t working. That’s why we created SC Preparatory Leadership School—a tuition-free, online academy for grades 6-12 in South Carolina.
At Leadership, you’ll find experienced teachers who meet students where they are, embracing their struggles, encouraging their strengths, and providing a pathway to success—with a high school diploma and the skills they need to thrive.

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Celebrate A Fresh Start

Take a deep breath, knowing your child is now on a viable path to earning a high school diploma and thriving in life

Classical Approach

Prepare your student for college while equipping them to think creatively about the world.

Beyond The Classroom

We partner with families to provide an educational experience with lifelong application.

Potential Realized

Trade worry for confidence with teachers that create top-scoring students.

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School’s mission is to provide a highly motivational and rigorous curriculum, virtual and classically based, to middle and high school students in South Carolina.

SC Preparatory Leadership School combines the best elements of home school, private school, and traditional public school in a tuition-free online public charter school.

Is Your Child’s Environment Holding Them Back?

As South Carolina’s online charter school, we are committed to seeing every child reach their potential, prepare for college, and prepare for life.

As A Parent, Have You Been Thinking Any Of The Following?

"I don’t think my child’s current school is preparing them for a life beyond the classrom."
They may not get the skills needed to succeed in life.
"My child has a special interest that is not being fostered at their school."
I don’t know if they will be able to develop their talents.
"I don’t think my child is being adequately prepared for college."
There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to go.
"I feel like my child is barely surviving. I want them to thrive."
I need to search for new options.
"My child doesn’t feel safe at school"
I’m worried their current environment is holding them back.
"My child has unique strengths that can’t be met in a traditional school."
I’m concerned they won’t realize their potential.
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Give your student the tools they need to succeed. Serving 6th-12th grades for the 2024-2025 school year.

Our experienced and caring staff will work tirelessly to ensure your child not only receives the best education but that they are equipped to thrive in whatever endeavor they undertake.

Feel Like SC Prep Leadership Is The Right Fit For You And Your Student?

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Once you decide to pursue enrolling your child with SC Prep, you will complete a preliminary application. Just like many traditional charter schools in SC, we anticipate a waitlist for Fall 2024.

Thrive With SC Prep

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted to complete the enrollment packet. Your student will be able to realize all the benefits of a classical, college preparatory education.

There Is A Need For Individuals Who Are Equipped To Be Business, Political, And Educational Leaders.

A successful society requires people who can creatively lead construction crews, small businesses, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and small groups of workers in all areas of industry and service.

Discernment is a lost art in our communities. By offering a classically based education that is grounded in time-tested fundamentals, we can teach students to think, discern, and be prepared to fill a rising need in our changing world.