The SC Prep – Board Of Directors 2022 Election & Appointment Timeline

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School  School Board of Directors 2022 Election & Appointment Timeline 2 Elected Seats (Expiring 2022) 3 Elected Seats (Expiring 2022) 2 Appointed Seats (Expiring 2022) 2 Appointed Seats (Expiring 2022)

October 20, 2021: Call for Board Candidates will be distributed to the public. Each prospective board member must complete an online filing form. PCSASC will have these available online for submission/distribution. If a board candidate is not able to complete the online candidate filing form, it is the school’s responsibility to assist the candidate with data entry.

Filing Form Link:

November 3, 2021: Close of filing period. Candidate filing will be closed at 12 PM (Noon) EDT.

November 5, 2021: Candidate information and application answers posted online.

November 18-19, 2021: Election. Voting opens with e-ballot links emailed to each parent/guardian and employee of the school. Voting will open at 8 AM on November 18 and close at 5 PM on November 19. There is one vote per child enrolled in the school and one vote per employee. Voting will be available via e-ballot allowing parents and employees to vote via the internet. Each ballot will have a unique pin number to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the process.

November 22, 2021: Election results will be certified, and elected school board members will be announced publicly.

December 20, 2021: The newly elected and appointed board members will take office and be formally sworn in at the regularly scheduled December board meeting. This completes the election process.

Meeting and Training Requirements

Board Members are required to attend all board meetings.

Mandated Board Training – Per state law, all board members are required to attend board training within 1 year of being elected. Free training will be offered by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Please contact the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina with any questions at