5 Ways To Show Your Children You’re Proud

As the parent of a hardworking child, you’re naturally proud of their efforts and accomplishments. Showing your children that you’re proud of them is a great way to boost their confidence and encourage them, and one of the best ways to ensure that they continue to work hard and take pride in their achievements.

Here are five ways to show your children you’re proud of them:

Praise The Effort Along With The Achievement

No achievement comes without hard work, and it’s important to praise the process alongside the prize. Reinforce good habits by telling your children that all of their hard work was worthwhile.

By praising the effort, you’re showing your children that it isn’t just about being the smartest or getting first place, it’s about commitment and dedication to completing a goal. Even if they don’t always earn the highest grade or take home the prize, they will learn to be proud of the work they put into each project they take on.

Talk About The Challenges

Another way to show you’re proud is to recognize the challenges your children are overcoming to reach these achievements.  They’re working hard, and that undoubtedly comes with struggle and sacrifice. Show them it was worthwhile by talking through the obstacles they face and sharing your own advice and perspective. This will boost their confidence and show them that you’re paying attention to how hard they’re working.

Show Confidence In Their Abilities

You know your child can accomplish anything they set their mind to, so tell them so! Telling them directly that you know they can reach their goals will boost their confidence, and show them they should be proud of themselves too. And don’t miss an opportunity to share their accomplishments with friends and family, so they can share their encouragement as well.

Celebrate As A Family

After all of the hard work they’ve put in, your child deserves a break. Show them you’re proud by doing something special as a family. Whether it be a nice dinner at home or a day out at their favorite place, taking the time to praise their achievements will be encouraging and motivating for them. Celebrating as a family could also motivate your other children by showing them that hard work pays off and earns praise.

Reward, Reasonably

Another way to express your pride to your children is to reward them for their hard work, but you want to do this within reason. There’s no need to throw a pizza party for every minor accomplishment, but doing something nice for your child to show you’re noticing their hard work can go a long way to show you’re proud of them.

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