Choosing Your Own Path – How Students Can Take Control Of Their Education

Some students can become lost in the public education crowd. They get ushered along from class to class and grade to grade with the masses, following a broad cookie-cutter curriculum. As they memorize their way through the education factory, it’s quite possible that nobody ever asks whether they truly comprehend the information they’ve been fed. And they probably don’t have meaningful classroom discussions in which they can apply and challenge their knowledge.

A Vested Interest

At SC Prep, we have a completely different approach, because not every young person learns the same way. We believe each student should be an active partner in determining how their own education is structured. As they enroll, they are active in discussions about their personal learning style and challenges. Seeing that they have a vested interest in how their education will unfold instills a sense of empowerment, which leads to a deeper commitment.

The Right Pace

A child who learns at an accelerated pace can feel bored or isolated in a public school classroom. Allowing our students to help determine how quickly they advance through their lessons can give them a sense of control they’ve never had before. And if a student needs a slower pace to absorb the material, our teachers and counselors collaborate with them—and with parents—to find just the right learning speed that keeps them on track.

Engaged Learning

As students become familiar with our classical education approach, they quickly discover that learning can be more than just memorizing facts and taking tests. Beyond instruction in the courses they take, they engage in lively conversation and debate about classroom topics, blending their knowledge with logic and reason. They see that their thoughts and opinions matter, which ignites their critical thinking skills. Most importantly, they feel empowered to become participants, rather than outside observers.

Individual and group projects provide students with opportunities to apply their new knowledge in genuinely creative ways. They can illustrate classroom concepts with relevant, real-world examples they choose to express. Being allowed to exercise ingenuity empowers them to demonstrate how they’ve learned.

Classes Whenever, Wherever

Because SC Prep is a virtual school, students have control over the environment in which they learn. There is no worry about health or personal safety, so those distractions are removed. And while some classes meet at specific times, students eventually have the freedom to choose when and where they can “attend” a library of on-demand lessons. They can take biology while at the beach, or math in the mountains. And if they learn a language best after dinner on a Saturday, that option is available.

The SC Prep Environment

We offer a partnership between students, parents, and educators that allows the freedom to customize an online education and maximize learning potential. Imagine your child choosing to become more engaged in school—without even stepping inside a schoolhouse—while building an excellent foundation for college and a career. SC Prep provides the environment in which that can happen, and we empower your student to make life-changing education decisions. Enroll today!

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