Empowering Students To Control Their Education

So many parents of public school students are frustrated about the content, educational philosophy, and pacing of the classes their children must take. A cookie-cutter curriculum simply doesn’t work for some students, and it doesn’t adequately prepare them for college – or for an eventual career. Without any power to determine the direction of their education, some smart and talented children can become helplessly lost in their generic classroom routines.

The Power Of Choice

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School, a tuition-free, online public charter school, has no tolerance for generic education. We know that students learn best when they are challenged to think and explore, so we empower them to make individual choices about their personal education pathways. We let them ignite their own desire to thrive.

Setting The Pace

In typical public schools, some students are so far ahead of the generic lesson plan they become bored, which can lead to behavior problems. Others lag behind because they need extra help with some concepts. At SC Prep, students help determine the pace at which they learn best. An open communication relationship among children, teachers, parents, and counselors allows each individual to progress at their ideal speed and level of challenge.

The Right Schedule

While there are students who learn best during weekday mornings, that’s certainly not true for everyone. Some may do their best work on Thursday night, or on Sunday afternoon. SC Prep’s online format allows students the freedom to choose their own class and homework schedules. And because there’s no gathering at a brick-and-mortar building, the option to travel anytime is always open.

Staying Safe

Virtual charter school doesn’t require in-person attendance, which means students can choose to learn in a safe environment. There is no danger of exposure to contagious illness, and no direct interaction with other kids who might threaten physical or emotional intimidation. They can opt to complete their lessons in the relaxed comfort of home.

College Readiness

Is the standard public school curriculum properly preparing students to face a college education or an eventual career? Perhaps not. SC Prep embraces the Classical Approach to learning, which focuses on critical thinking and an academic vocabulary while being grounded in time-tested fundamentals. Students can choose to take dual enrollment courses, which are college classes that also provide high school credit. By the time they reach college, they’ll have an educational advantage that will allow them to excel…and be ready for leadership roles in a vast variety of career pursuits.

Beyond The Classroom

Many students have talents that simply aren’t developed by a traditional school. At SC Prep, students have the freedom to choose extracurricular activities that will allow their passions to flourish. They can participate in their school district’s music and sports activities, they can join clubs with their online classmates, and they have the schedule flexibility to pursue fine arts endeavors.

Choosing A Better Education

Your child doesn’t have to be chained to a generic curriculum. You have an educational option that allows students to make creative, challenging choices that will enhance their lives and provide career advantages.

We invite you to explore the opportunities available at SC Prep and apply today to reserve your spot for Fall 2021.

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