Freedom In Education

We’ve created a video that outlines several reasons the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is an excellent choice for students in our state. Please watch, and carefully weigh all your options when making vital decisions about your child’s education.

The last couple of years have shown us that educating our children can be quite a challenge. The stability of public-school education, as we knew it growing up, has faced a lot of adversity…and it hasn’t always adapted well to the changes thrown its way. As communities wrestle with maintaining traditional school structure while health threats persist… has the quality of the student learning experience suffered? Probably so.

Parents Seeking Answers

Many parents are concerned that their student is getting lost in the one-size-fits-all approach in traditional schools. They understand that students don’t all learn the same way, or at the same speed. And they’re frustrated that they don’t know more about what’s being taught, how it’s being taught, or the values of the teachers and administrators delivering the lessons. More families want the freedom to choose how their student learns. Parental involvement in education is evolving—and increasing—but many may not know where to turn for a better alternative. Home schooling allows more control, although it puts far more responsibility on parents’ shoulders. Private school is another choice, but it can be quite expensive. And some might have misconceptions about virtual learning.

A Challenging Option

That’s why we created SC Prep. It’s a free, online public charter school for incoming 6th-12th grade students, and we offer families a refreshing, challenging alternative to traditional education. We form partnerships with parents to provide a transparent, classical education that genuinely engages students. Our virtual environment presents a rigorous curriculum that encourages and allows students to think, learn and thrive. SC Prep is designed to fully prepare our graduates for college…and for a successful future career.

Classical Learning

A classical learning approach affords students a well-rounded education while encouraging them to be independent learners. They’ll study and comprehend each subject well enough to explain it to others, and process information in a way that sticks with them. In addition to teaching standard subjects, classical education also builds soft skills like time management, life balance and effective communication.

Virtual Class Environment

Our online class curriculum presents an opportunity for students to learn in a way that’s best for them. It encourages independent learning with schedule flexibility and accommodation for individual student needs or challenges. There’s free, on-demand access to books and information, so learning doesn’t depend on a teacher’s immediate availability. Students aren’t bound by time constraints, or by geographical location. And there’s personal attention from teachers, so they can ask questions, receive individualized tutoring, or accelerate their learning pace. Virtual learning allows ample time and freedom for a social life. Students can participate in their county’s sports, art, music, and community activities. Wherever they live in South Carolina, they can explore their passions and talents.

SC Prep provides students with the quality education of a private school, the flexibility of home schools, and the social opportunities of a public school. We invite you to watch this video to learn how virtual learning might be the best choice for your student.

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