It Takes A Village

One of the most common misconceptions about virtual school is that it is a solitary process. In reality, there are countless ways for students to develop a sense of community around their virtual school environment and connect with their peers, teachers, counselors, and family members to create a well-rounded educational experience.

Creating a sense of community around your virtual school environment can help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate through life. Here are our tips for creating a sense of community around your virtual school environment:

Form Study Groups

Getting together with your classmates to form study groups is a win-win for virtual students. It gives you a much-needed social outlet, and you also get the opportunity to have academic discussions with your peers that may help you understand the material on a deeper level and find a new perspective. Plus, these gatherings can be virtual or in-person depending on your preferences.

Join An Extracurricular

Connecting with your community can happen outside of the classroom as well. Joining an extracurricular activity can be a great way to make new friends and to apply daily lessons in a real way, discovering new hobbies or passions along the way. Find out how your classmates spend time outside of the classroom and then find an activity that excites you and matches your interests.

Ask Your Teacher For Extra Time

If you’re still feeling disconnected in the classroom or you need extra help on an assignment, don’t be afraid to reach out to your teacher for some one-on-one time. A good relationship with your teacher will make your class more exciting and encourage you to do better as well.

Share Your Lessons With Your Family

During downtime with family, tell them about what you’re learning and share what you’re excited or nervous about. Bringing your parents or siblings into your school life can help you feel more connected to them, and their insight could be valuable when you’re facing a new challenge.

Find The Right Guidance Counselor

Finding the right guidance counselor for you can change your future. Your guidance counselor is there to help you create a path for success, both academically and in your own life. If you’re falling behind, your guidance counselor can give you advice or act as a liaison between you and your teacher to get you the help you need.

Join A Virtual Organization

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