Learning At Home Shouldn’t Mean Falling Behind

It’s no big surprise that educating children at home has been a growing trend over the past few decades. Back in the early 1980s, the number of home-schooled kids was well under 100,000 nationally…and that total has grown steadily in the following years. More and more parents have chosen to add the responsibilities of teaching in their homes.

A recent study by the National Home Education Research Institute concluded that up to five million students in grades K-12 were being homeschooled in March 2021. Compare that to spring 2019, when only half as many students were learning at home. The reasons for such an increase aren’t hard to imagine, as health threats dramatically altered the state of public education over the past 18 months.

Heavy Load On Parents

As more students are learning at home, many families have felt increased burdens. Mothers and fathers are often torn between the responsibilities of parenting, earning an income, and serving as full-time teachers. With such a loaded household plate, it’s fair to ask whether these students are reaping the fullest possible benefits from their home education. Is it possible that, despite all good intentions, some children are falling behind academically?

My SC Prep At Home

At the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School, we provide a classical-based, online education with the rigid standards of a public charter school—all tuition-free, and in the safety of the student’s home. Our education professionals deliver an exciting curriculum that steps beyond regular memorization to ignite critical thinking. Students are engaged in active exchanges with their teachers, and with their online classmates. Our mission is to develop a complete set of learning skills that truly prepare students for college and careers.

Partnering With Parents

SC Prep joins hands with parents to discover the learning patterns and schedules that work best for their individual children. That might mean accelerated lessons in one subject, and extra tutoring in another. Constant communication at convenient times helps develop an ideal scenario that encourages each child to thrive at his or her own pace. Parents enjoy the ability to control the home learning environment while entrusting the daily lessons to experienced education veterans. The result is a personalized education journey with trusted guides surrounding the student.

Flexibility With Family

Your child deserves a rewarding home education without the danger of falling behind. Discover the advantages of proven, virtual charter school learning through the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School.

We invite you to explore the opportunities available at SC Prep and apply today to reserve your spot for the 2022-2023 school year.

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