Middle And High School Learning With Flexibility

Many parents believe their children would perform better academically if they could escape the rigid structure of their traditional school routines. After all, not all kids learn the same way—or at the same pace. Sitting in a classroom with 25 preoccupied teens isn’t necessarily the optimal way for some students to fully understand the lesson at hand. The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is neither traditional nor routine. As the state’s online charter school, we offer middle and high school students countless opportunities to learn better in a positive, flexible environment.

Setting The Pace

At most public schools, everyone follows the same curriculum at the same speed. Students who already comprehend the material might be bored, while those who need a little more help could fall behind. SC Prep addresses each child’s individual learning needs and allows adjustments to optimize their progress. This may include extra counseling or tutoring to keep each student on track. And for those with advanced skills, there’s the option of dual enrollment, which allows the pursuit of college and high school course credit simultaneously.

Freedom Of Thought

Too often, schools rely on memorization and repetition as a teaching method. While this may drill some facts into students’ heads or help them pass standardized tests, does it instill true understanding? SC Prep embraces Classical Learning, which ignites a hungry curiosity and critical thinking within each child’s mind. Through research and discussion, they develop a hunger for genuine comprehension, which will free and inspire them to excel in college and in their careers.

Location Flexibility

Because SC Prep is an online charter school, there is no daily travel to the same school building. Buses and school district borders aren’t factors. Each student can attend wherever their computer happens to be. That will usually mean a dining room, den, or home office…but it could also be a mountain cabin, a beachfront vacation home, or even another country. Families aren’t bound by geography or designated vacation days on a school calendar, so they have the freedom to travel as they wish.

Don’t Fight The Clock

Some students can pursue their lessons at non-traditional times. Depending on your child’s particular curriculum, they could experience classroom learning Tuesdays at 6 am, or on Sunday afternoons. Finding a pattern that works best for the individual student can inspire better academic engagement. And because online parent-teacher consultations don’t require leaving work to meet during the school day, finding mutually convenient times can lead to more relaxed, substantive conversations.

SC Prep Is A Bright Future

Flexibility offers the students at the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School so many advantages over traditional middle and high schools. Providing a challenging and encouraging environment instills their desire to think, learn and excel in ways that work best for them. We are a tuition-free, virtual charter school designed to let your student thrive as they prepare for the future. We invite you to explore this site and apply today to reserve your spot for Fall 2021.

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