The Best Of Private, Public, And Homeschool – Combined!

Making sure a child receives a meaningful education is a large responsibility for any parent. While most families rely on public schools for pre-college learning, some choose private schools, while others opt to teach their own children at home. Each pathway has important advantages, and online charter school is an emerging alternative that combines the best of all three.

Homeschool Care

Parents might choose to homeschool their children because they don’t approve of their school district’s curriculum or textbooks. They may wish to avoid political or philosophical opinions imposed by public schools. Or they might have developed a more effective method that teaches their children the way they learn most effectively.

Online charter learning with SC Prep isn’t tied to a geographical district—or to political influences, or to a generic curriculum for the masses. It’s based on the Classical Approach to learning, which encourages children to think creatively and to advance at a pace that works for the individual. It’s an enriching education delivered with the care a child might receive at home, and with skillful guidance from experienced, certified teachers. The family is quite involved, and flexible schedules can allow for even more quality time together.

Private School Quality

Some parents may choose a private school for smaller class sizes or for more personalized attention from teachers. They may see it as a stronger college preparation alternative than public school. And they’ll probably pay a considerable tuition fee for enrolling their children.

The SC Prep virtual charter option also features reduced class size, as well as personal, one-on-one teacher interaction. It’s a way to avoid classroom distractions from other students who may not be on the same learning pace, or who just aren’t engaged. The classes focus on critical thinking, not just school room memorization for tests. There’s a strong emphasis on preparing for college, and for career options beyond. Through dual enrollment, students can earn high school and college credit simultaneously. And because it is public education, there’s no tuition cost.

Public School Socialization

So, what about public schools? After all, there are advantages to being with other kids, and socialization is an important part of learning. Participating in sports and clubs are great ways to form relationships. It’s easy to assume virtual learning might deprive students of personal interactions, or foster isolation.

SC Prep online charter students actually have countless opportunities to interact with peers. They can form study groups and join extracurricular activities. There are virtual organizations with like-minded students. State law allows charter students to participate in sports and music in their home districts. And yes, there are even field trips.

The SCPLS Combination

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is a virtual charter school that blends the best qualities of private, public, and homeschool education. It’s a challenging alternative that allows students to think, learn, and thrive while paving the road for a successful future. Equip your child with a superior, tuition-free learning experience they’ll value for a lifetime.

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