The Safety Of Virtual Education

It’s no big surprise that educating children at home has been a growing trend over the past few decades. Back in the early 1980s, the number of home-schooled kids was well under 100,000 nationally…and that total has grown steadily in the following years. More and more parents have chosen to add the responsibilities of teaching in their homes.

Caring parents have always had concerns about sending their children to a brick-and-mortar school, and today, there are more worries than ever. The natural instinct is to protect them from sickness, physical threats, and emotional stress—but doing that without sacrificing the education you know they need can be a real challenge. Online charter school through the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is an excellent solution for safe, meaningful learning.

Health Safety

As we all know too well, the COVID-19 virus has upended the schooling of our children for nearly two years. Students have bounced back and forth between virtual and in-person learning, often with teachers and lesson plans that weren’t intended for dual purposes. Mask mandates are a constant factor in classes and on buses, and there’s growing government pressure to vaccinate teens and kids as young as five years old. With online charter classes from SCPLS, the health and safety of students are entirely in their parents’ control. There are no masks in virtual classrooms, and there’s no pressure to get a shot you may not want them to have in order to attend. Nobody is riding on a bus. And beyond virus concerns, virtual classes are a preferable health option for students with autoimmune conditions and some disabilities.

Physical Security

Many parents can tell stories about physical dangers their children have encountered at school. Bullying is a broad term that can include harassment, taunting, coercion, or even bodily harm. When one student experiences personal punishment from another, lower academic performance is often a result. Collaborative class activities can be daunting, as victims might be placed in groups with their aggressors. With online classes at SCPLS, such physical threats from peers don’t exist. Students are free to learn and participate from the safety of their own homes. Our group projects don’t require face-to-face contact, so the children can concentrate on the lessons at hand instead of dodging a bully. And virtual students are also protected from rare but traumatic mass attacks we hear about in the news that occasionally occur inside schools. Home is a protective cocoon in which online students can learn and grow.

Emotional Sanctuary

Some students experience social anxieties due to medical or psychological conditions. In some cases, past bullying can scar on an emotional level. Virtual learning at SCPLS can help eliminate many mental barriers that might hinder academic development. The positive, nurturing environment we provide is designed to reduce social stress while promoting individual progress. Our online classes are maskless, so students and teachers can see full facial expressions—a vital part of personal communication. And parents play an active role in our process, serving as supportive moral anchors while their children gain knowledge and understanding.

Consider the safety advantages of virtual learning for your child at South Carolina’s first online public charter school. The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School offers a tuition-free classical curriculum, and our experienced faculty challenges students to thrive in a welcoming atmosphere. Enroll today for a personalized, higher-quality education!.

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