Three Ways Dual Enrollment Saves Time And Money

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for students to take college-level classes while still enrolled in high school. For a number of reasons, dual enrollment is a great opportunity for students to get ahead in their education while saving both time and money. Here are a few of the greatest benefits of dual enrollment:

Dual Enrollment Is Accessible

If your school offers dual enrollment classes, it is generally easy to opt in if the student wants to do so. The requirements may vary depending on the state, but usually the student only needs a letter of recommendation from a counselor, teacher, or parent, and must maintain a consistent grade point average.

Though AP courses can also give student credit, they aren’t always available in every school system. Unlike AP courses, a student in a dual enrollment class does not have to pass a final exam to gain college credit but generally does have to pass the course with a C or higher.

Classes Are Inexpensive

Dual enrollment classes sometimes do cost money to participate in, though in comparison to the price of a college or university course it is usually much more affordable. There are a few options for parents when it comes to paying for these classes. Sometimes the state may pay for the classes or the school itself, but if not there are payment plans and loan opportunities available.

You save money in the long run as well. Beginning a two or four-year university with college credits under your belt will allow you to finish in a shorter time, saving you money on college tuition and minimizing any student loan debt after graduation.

Students Are More Prepared For College

Students who take dual enrollment classes in high school are more likely to not only complete high school but to attend a 4-year university and get a bachelor’s degree, usually because students begin college more prepared for what classes are like at the higher level.

They are also more prepared because they’ve already started to determine their college path. Though requirements differ by state, the option for dual enrollment is usually available by a student’s junior or senior year of high school. This is the time students start to think seriously about college and potential majors, and taking dual enrollment classes allows them to test their interests and determine their career path in a safer environment.

Is It Right For You?

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