Tuition-Free Online Charter School Is Available Now

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is a trailblazing pioneer in the next level of education for students in 6th through 11th grades. We’re the first online charter school for students throughout the entire state—and we’re a public school, with no tuition. Our virtual learning experience is accessible throughout South Carolina right now—and there are several reasons why this availability is important.

Established Online Teaching

As a new wave of the COVID-19 virus emerges on the threshold of a new school year, counties across the state are weighing whether to convert to online classes. At SCPLS, we already offer our entire curriculum online, so no last-minute conversion is necessary. Our teachers have their virtual lesson plans in place, and they’re prepared to fully engage with students in online classes, as usual, on day one.

No Boundaries

SCPLS belongs to no specific school district, and there is no physical brick-and-mortar building to attend. Our curriculum is available to students across the entire state of South Carolina, without costly private school tuition. Your child can be present at any computer from the safety of home – without any transportation worries, masking requirements, or social distancing. Fewer distractions mean more time to focus on delivering quality interactive education.

A Classical Approach

SCPLS allows learning to rise above simple memorization and testing that’s so common in public school systems. By making the Classical approach to education available to our students, we challenge them to deeply understand the lessons they need to know. They learn to think critically and apply their knowledge, using academic vocabulary and formal grammar, so they will be far better prepared for college and an eventual career.

Classes Anytime

While some SCPLS classes meet online at specific times, all classes are recorded, so they’re available to students at any hour of any day. They can work virtually at a pace that suits their individual learning style, on a flexible schedule that allows for review, other activities, or even travel. Whether a child is most receptive Tuesday afternoons or Saturday evenings, they have the freedom to log on and learn.

Access And Involvement

Because our school structure isn’t tethered to one building with rigid hours of operation, the teachers at SCPLS are available to provide individualized instruction whenever students need it. Questions and discussions are an email or phone call away, so engagement doesn’t end when a bell rings in the afternoon. Parents can have meaningful conversations about their child’s progress when their schedules allow, and they can be present for guidance throughout their child’s school day.

Time To Thrive

Your child deserves more than a cookie-cutter school experience, or hastily adapted classes. A more personalized approach to learning is available right now, so allow them the opportunity to thrive academically! We encourage you to explore this site and contact us with any questions. There’s never been a better time to discover how your student can benefit from a challenging, virtual charter school education through the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School.

We invite you to explore the opportunities available at SC Prep and apply today to reserve your spot for Fall 2021.

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