What Extracurriculars Are Good For My College Prep Student

In today’s ultra-competitive world, college admissions boards are looking at more than just your grades. They also want to see that you worked to have a well-rounded education complete with extracurriculars that help develop skills that will benefit you throughout college and beyond.

Whether through your school or community, there are no shortage of opportunities for kids to participate in extracurricular activities tailored to their unique interests


There is bound to be a club suited to your child’s interests, whether it be academic, social, culturally-driven, or dedicated to community service and local activism. Academic clubs can show a dedication to learning, while community service clubs show compassion and desire to help others.

Whatever your interests, taking the time to join and participate in an after-school club shows a sense of dedication and responsibility that would be appealing on any college application.

Student Government

If you thrive in a leadership role, student government may be a good choice. A role in student government shows you are driven to create a better environment for your school and your peers, and demonstrates important skills like maturity and responsibility. More than that, working in student government will teach compromise as you work to find common ground that works for everyone.

Student Newspaper

A student-run newspaper can be a great college resume booster for students with an interest in writing and editing. Learning how to write well is a skill that will give you an advantage when you get to college and face more challenging assignments, and taking the time to work in a student newspaper shows your ability to manage your time effectively. If your interest in writing continues throughout college, having experience working at your high school newspaper could also give you a foot in the door to join your college’s newspaper as well.


Playing a sport is always appealing to universities because it teaches teamwork, dedication, and the importance of hard work and continuous practice to become the best you can be for yourself and your team. If you do well and draw attention from college recruiters, you could even get a scholarship to play your sport at the college level.

The Arts

If you have an interest in the arts, there should be plenty of opportunities for extracurriculars that showcase your creativity. Whether it’s painting, singing in a chorus group, playing an instrument, or participating in a theater production, these interests are appealing to colleges because they show your individual talent and dedication to your craft.

Part-Time Jobs

A part-time job can also be an effective college resume booster. Working at a part-time job shows responsibility and an ability to manage your time effectively, and the money you make could go towards your college fund if needed.

Picking one or two extracurriculars to dedicate your time to can be great for more than just college admissions, it can help you figure out what your interests are and make like-minded friends in the process. Just be careful not to bog yourself down with too many responsibilities that it starts to impact your schoolwork.

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