What Is A Charter School?

Despite an almost 20 year history in the United States, charter schools are still relatively misunderstood in the education system. Developed out of a desire for innovative educational opportunities, charter schools combine the best traits of public and private schools to create a unique learning environment for students, teachers, and parents alike. So what is a charter school, and could it be a viable option for you and your family? Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is A Charter School?

Charter schools began as a way for communities who were unsatisfied with the regulations or curriculums of their current schools to create a unique, tailored educational system that promotes exciting learning opportunities for their students in perhaps untraditional environments.

Contrary to popular belief, charter schools are a form of public school and often don’t charge tuition. Their structure and organization make them very different from regular public schooling, as public schools are left to follow the rules and guidelines of their school districts with little control to choose a different curriculum or even where their supplies come from.

How a charter can form and operate differs and depends on state or local laws, but one of the biggest benefits of a charter school is that they aren’t mandated by their local school district. They serve as a separate entity so long as they provide proof of progress with their students each year.

Why Choose A Charter School?

One of the biggest draws to charter schools is the freedoms they give students, teachers, and even parents in this process. Because charter schools aren’t bound to a district’s curriculum, teachers can focus on teaching the subject matter in a way they find most effective for their students, and focus on subjects that are important to the community and the student’s particular path.

Charter schools have smaller enrollment as well. Teachers have more time to create exciting lesson plans, devote special attention to each student, and to help and provide encouragement to students throughout the learning process. Students can get more one-on-one time with their teachers to ensure they are fully understanding of the material.

Another benefit some charter schools offer is dual enrollment, where students complete their final year of high school and their first year of college credit at the same time. This gives students a jump start on their college requirements while saving both time and money.

Where Can You Get Started?

Charter schools are all about choice and flexibility, and they are growing in popularity across the country. For interested parents and children in South Carolina, the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is a tuition-free, online charter school with a classically-inspired education style. If you’re looking for a high quality education full of flexibility and opportunity for your child, set up a consultation meeting with us today.