What Is Virtual School?

Is Virtual School The Same As Homeschooling?

Traditionally, homeschooling has referred to students who are educated at home by a parent or guardian. There are also homeschool cooperative groups and organizations that help families with home education. And as technology has evolved, virtual options are now available. So, is virtual school the same thing as homeschool?


In South Carolina, a student is considered a “homeschool student” if they are completing their education through an approved homeschool association or through home study supervised by the school district. There are multiple requirements for this, including the education level of the parents and a records system for demonstrating daily attendance. Parents of homeschool students purchase curriculum and pay for a membership to a private homeschool association.

Virtual School

Virtual School is a specific choice for students who want to complete their education at home. While they are afforded the freedom to complete their work during flexible hours, they are still required to spend a set amount of time in study, virtual classes, and other work requirements.

The benefit of Virtual School is that the teachers, class time, support and homework are provided to the student by the virtual school. This ensures that your student is able to meet the state requirements for a high school diploma. It also gives the student the opportunity to engage with, and learn from, teachers and educators in other parts of the state. Parents of virtual school students do not have to have a certain education level completed or maintain attendance records.

South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School is a tuition-free Virtual Charter School that allows students to get an education at home. The school is funded by the South Carolina Board of Education. Unlike traditional homeschool, parents are not required to purchase curriculum or pay to be a part of a homeschool association.

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