Why Do Parents Love Virtual School?

This has been a landmark year for the education system, and what parents are discovering is the increasing number of schooling options available beyond the traditional routes of public and private school. More than ever, parents and children are beginning to see the benefits that come from learning virtually.

Virtual school may not be for everyone, but it can be an excellent option for families seeking high quality, personalized, and flexible education. Here are our top reasons why parents should consider virtual school for their children:

More Control

Parents with children attending virtual school are more hands-on in the educational process. They are able to see what their children are learning and may even be present for the classes if they wish to do so. More than that, parents can serve as a tutor or coach for their children, encouraging them through the process and helping them overcome obstacles.

If a child has difficulty learning a certain way or faces academic challenges, parents can work with teachers to give a custom, personalized education that is suited to the way their children learn best.

New Opportunities

Parents can be assured that virtual education provides a high-quality education that opens the door to plenty of new experiences for their children. For example, if programs like AP classes or dual enrollment aren’t available at your district’s schools, you may be able to take them virtually to get a jumpstart on college prep. They can take a wide variety of classes, like uncommon foreign languages or music instruction. Additionally, by being able to create their own schedules, student athletes can pursue their training without sacrificing their education.

Choice And Flexibility

Students experience a lot of flexibility in their virtual education, but they aren’t the only ones. Parents are no longer confined to the limitations of traditional schooling. Without having to worry about the local school districts, parents can live in any house, neighborhood, or even town they choose. They aren’t bound to a school district’s curriculum if they feel it isn’t challenging enough. Virtual school gives parents the power of choice in many ways.

Increased Family Time

In the traditional school environment, parents miss so much of the process and their children are away from home for 8 to 10 hours a day. In a virtual school environment, parents are getting more quality time with their children to plan more family vacations, spend more meals together, and form closer bonds in the process.

What’s Your Next Step?

For families looking to permanently switch to virtual school, the first step is to seek out professional virtual education outlets. Students in South Carolina can get a high-quality education and prepare for college through dual enrollment classes by attending the South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School. SCPLS is an online, tuition-free charter school that empowers students to take control of their education and ultimately their futures. Reach out today to get enrolled.