Why Online High School In South Carolina?

There are hundreds of reasons that you may be considering an online High School education.

For example:

  • Is the local high school not challenging your teen enough?
  • Does he or she seem “bored” with the curriculum?
  • Is your child struggling with difficult social situations in school?
  • Does your child need to educate at home for health reasons?
  • Is your family focused on travel for work, family hardship or enrichment?
  • Does your high schooler want to work somewhere that requires daytime hours?

Did you know your student can attend a tuition-free online school in South Carolina? South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School (SC Prep) is a completely online charter school. They offer all of the courses required to meet South Carolina High School Diploma guidelines. This includes college preparatory, honors and Dual Enrollment courses. There are also technical courses for students interested in business, education, legal and medical careers.

SC Prep employs a unique and innovative approach to student learning called classical education. In this educational style, students learn using methods and content that build upon each other. As students learn and grow, they move from grammar and factual learning to logic and rhetoric. Students learn to think and learn to process information with order and depth. The curriculum is based on the Humanities. It includes reading and studying great books such as Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey. For more advanced students, educators initiate Socratic discussions in which the leader asks open-ended questions. Through these discussions, students learn to respond and think about what others say.

All courses are offered online on a flexible schedule. Mentorship is available to help students remain on track. In addition to a rigorous academic schedule, the school promotes events and trips that allow participants to travel and meet other SC Prep students and teachers. All high school aged students living in South Carolina are eligible to apply.

Now is the time… classes are filling up! Click here now to find out more!