Why You’ll Love Learning On A Flexible Schedule

If you have a child in public school, you know they operate strictly by the clock, and by the calendar.  They may ride a very early bus, start school when the first bell rings, have lunch at a specified time and change classes throughout the day.  Extracurricular activities can’t begin until they’re home from school, and good luck working on homework during their waking hours.

Family Schedules

You also know you have to plan your vacation time during specifically designated holiday dates and try to coordinate your workdays off accordingly.  And this past year, you also saw a ping-pong game between in-person learning and online classes.  While a routine can be beneficial for many children, school schedules can be quite restrictive.

Independent Learning

Some students learn and work better at their own pace.  Your child may become frustrated or bored when they have to wait for the rest of the class to grasp a concept or complete an assignment.  An online charter school setting can offer a solution for those who learn differently.  A flexible learning schedule could provide the spark that transforms your child from impatient to thriving.

Customized Schedules

The structure of your student’s virtual charter classroom can allow you to create a schedule that works best for them.  While they will be fully engaged and classically instructed, you may discover that reading works better in the morning, and math is a better afternoon option.  Or you might find that nights and weekends are a better alternative for testing.  Having the ability to tailor your child’s learning schedule can make a huge difference.

There’s also flexibility for meeting times with your child’s teachers.  You’re not forced to leave work to have a conference during “school hours.”  Find a mutual availability that works for everyone and enjoy meaningful conversation without time or travel constraints.  Parental involvement is a vital part of successful online charter education, so meeting in convenient comfort contributes to your child’s progress.

Virtual School Anywhere

There’s more to your child’s life than just school, so educational flexibility allows the time to engage in other activities.  They can have violin lessons at noon, or a mid-morning museum visit.  And since virtual learning continues anywhere, your family can take a trip to the mountains or beach without the stress of having unexcused absences.

Beyond The Classroom

Contrary to common perceptions, virtual learning doesn’t have to be a solitary experience.  Your student will have opportunities to join in group study sessions and explore how to apply their knowledge.  And they can find shared interests with fellow classmates that might lead to participation in any number of extracurricular activities.  With a differently structured schedule, the possibilities are endless.

A Better Charter Experience

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School provides a classical charter education online, with the flexibility to customize lessons to your child’s specific strengths and timetable.  We are a tuition-free virtual school that empowers your student to unlock their best learning style.

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