Enrollment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Most students have 6 live classes per week. We strongly suggest that students attend these as the live classes drive the independent instruction. They are recorded, so students can watch the recording if they have to miss one.

We are a public charter school. There is no tuition. Families are asked to supply an internet connection and school supplies. We have some Chromebooks available for those who qualify for free or reduced meals, but they are backordered.

Any computer will do. If you want to buy one, the cheapest Chromebook works fine.

Printer- Nice to have, but not necessary

Macs do not work as well as PCs.

When Covid is over, we will have face to face events. The kids get to know each other through live classes and class discussions. They really do develop relationships with their peers through those interactions.

We are starting an Art Club and a Beta Club. More clubs will be formed later based on student interest.

Live Classes usually have about 25 kids present.

Yes, we offer all the services that a traditional public school offers. The schedule is flexible in that students are given their work on Monday and expected to finish it by Sunday evening.

In SC, students who attend the SC Preparatory Leadership School are eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities in their local school district. You would have to call your local district to determine the process. Usually, you just have to fill out a form.

The SC Preparatory Leadership School partners with colleges throughout the state of South Carolina. Students are free to attend Dual Enrollment classes with the many colleges that partner with SCPLS. Examples are: Midlands Tech, Limestone, and USC Upstate. Contact your counselor to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses.

Yes, we will have a graduation ceremony with caps and gowns. There will be plenty of opportunity for photographs.

Our teachers will give individual tutoring sessions and help with pre-requisite skills for the assignment at hand. We do not do intensive remediation.

We emphasize Latin roots, offer Socratic discussions, and explore grammar and logic within our courses.

No, since we are state funded, we only accept full time students.

Not at this time. You can take summer school through your local district and register to come to us in August.

Yes, we offer credit recovery courses.

Yes, we offer all services that a traditional public school would offer.

Yes, we offer all services that a traditional public school would offer.

Enrollment for 2024-2025 is open at this time.

No, wait until your student is enrolled at SCPLS before withdrawing from your present school.

We will request records, but we need an unofficial transcript to place high school students in their courses. Your school will give you a copy of an unofficial copy of the transcript.

New students have an orientation session. They are not responsible for assignments prior to their enrollment date, but are responsible for the content since they have been in school and studying the same standards.

Students who are successful at SCPLS attend live classes live. They are recorded so if you have to miss one, the recording can be viewed.

Semester Schedule. We do not offer blocks. In most cases, we can construct a schedule so that a student does not fall behind in their graduation plan.

Our guidance counselor constructs the schedule according to the academic records that we receive in the enrollment packet.

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