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Experience a tuition-free traditional education in a flexible online learning environment for South Carolina students

Now Enrolling Grades 6-12


Tuition-Free Online Classical Education

SC Prep Leadership School offers a high-quality classical education online at no cost to students in grades 6-12 throughout South Carolina.

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Online classical education offers flexibility and personalization without compromising academic rigor.


Personalized instruction and self-paced learning based on students' needs and interests.


Rigorous curriculum promotes analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the humanities. Highly qualified teachers help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.


Students build personal relationships with teachers and peers through regular communication, collaborative projects and group assignments.

Dual Enrollment

SC Prep offers career and technical education and dual enrollment along with traditional middle and high school courses. 

Mentorship Programs

Students connect with adults and one another through our expanding set of mentoring programs.

Field Trips and Events

Scheduled events and trips provide students an opportunity to travel and meet other students and teachers with SC Prep.

What Students Say

Now Enrolling Grades 6-12

Traditional education meets online convenience! Embrace the best of both worlds with SC Prep's free online classical education. Enroll tuition-free today.