Student Life

The South Carolina Preparatory Leadership School offers a flexible schedule and a variety of programs to ensure that students will reach their full potential.


Students accomplish their work on a flexible schedule as long as they aren’t falling behind.


Mentorship programs provide a supporting voice from outside the home to help students on their way.


Scheduled events and trips provide students an opportunity to travel and meet other students and teachers with SC Prep Leadership School.

Flexibility Outside The Classroom.

Students have the flexibility to pursue their passions during the school day. Many of our students are involved in outside music and sports programs.

Charter school students are able by law to participate in their local district’s extracurricular activities.

Syllabus Driven

Students will follow a syllabus for each course. The week’s work should be completed between Monday morning and Sunday evening. However, we recommend that students do the bulk of their work during regular school hours when teachers are present.

Synchronous sessions where teachers teach a live course will be available. These sessions will include direct instruction, student activities, and some social time for students to interact with each other. These sessions are not required unless a student is failing or falls behind.

At SCPLS, flexibility is a privilege. If a student is academically behind, the program becomes less flexible.

As A Parent, Is My Schedule Flexible?

Yes! Parent responsibility:

Ensure student is completing work.

Ensure student calls/emails/texts teacher with questions that the student has.

Monitor grades.

Communicate with teachers if a problem arises.

Mentorship Programs

Life can be tough! If a parent requests a mentor for their child, we will provide one. There currently is not a state-wide mentorship program for at-risk youth in SC.

We plan to partner with mentorship programs across the state to provide this service to our at-risk students and anyone else who desires to have a mentor. SCPLS will hire a mentor liaison to build this program.

How Can My Child Benefit From A Mentorship Program?

SCPLS Events: Lecture series that features successful individuals from all walks of life.

Supports for life skills such as time-management and communication will be available to all SCPLS students.

The culture of SCPLS is one that supports all students.

When one student is helped, everyone benefits.